2021 will be a year full of news for Apple that will be able to amaze its fans with new devices from the smartphone and tablet world, but not only that, in fact we are talking about a brand new Apple TV and significantly improved compared to the past.

The confirmation of this news comes directly from Mark Gurman who, through his Bloomberg site, has revealed some important details that will belong to this Apple TV 2021. According to Gurman there will be three aspects on which the Cupertino company will focus to make his Apple TV significantly improved.

Apple TV 2021 projected towards the world of gaming:

The first will concern the world of gaming, we will focus more on this aspect and on Apple Arcade and this will be possible thanks to the entry into the game of a new processor, the second prominent element of the Apple TV 2021 license plate. , always focusing on the world of games, that the Cupertino company may also release a separate game controller, precisely to make the most of the gaming element that will belong to the new Apple TV. Clearly it will be an accessory that must be purchased separately and a rather high cost cannot be excluded. The gaming aspect will certainly intrigue those who intend to focus on this brand new Apple TV coming in 2021.

New processor and new remote control for Apple TV 2021:

There will be a brand new processor, presumably either the A12 or the A14 version, the model that will be part of it has not yet been specified, but the key aspect is that it will greatly improve the performance of the Apple TV. Among other things, it will focus on a more conspicuous storage space with variants of 64GB and 128GB. Thanks to the introduction of these new features, performance will be more powerful and undoubtedly many will be fascinated by the new Apple TV.

Finally, there will be an updated remote control, in fact it is assumed that this remote control can offer functionality similar to “Find My”, allowing users to easily find it in any remote corner of the house. In short, we often tend to leave the remote control around the house and then have to waste time looking for it. With this functionality, the Apple TV remote control will be easily found. The new device is expected to be released in the first six months of 2021.