Buyer's guide 2020

Online Shopping Vs Physical Shopping:

: Since the upward push of large e-commerce sites, the boom in online shopping has been exponential, with great growth within the wide variety of buyers choosing to shop online rather than in a store physical. Many mainstream outlets have also introduced the dedicated online version from which consumers can shop online, from excessive street brands to charities. Even brands that no longer exist in the traditional physical store are often available online. With new services available today with one click then do almost anything online, here are some of the reasons why shopping online is better than shopping from a physical store.


It is a fact that most businesses have a greater amount of online stock than their physical locations. Thanks to the capacity of the warehouses and therefore the space constraints of the local shops, you will often access a much wider range of online products and the search buttons make it even easier to find the products you simply want in a minimal amount of time. Being able to access multiple products from certain brands online is especially important if you reside in a village or neighborhood without an oversized local shopping area. Not only that, many online businesses offer exclusive items that are not available in stores.


Although it is often rare to find a coupon in store unless the store hosts a special event. Instead, many online sellers often offer discounts and promotions and voucher codes to be used online to make purchases, are marketing strategies that many frequently use to do. Many third-party websites, including the online shopping expert, offer official voucher codes that can be used online for additional discounts than physical stores.


If you order products from physical stores or decide to buy in the store, you will have to physically get there at that point, to the store in question when the product was purchased and if large in size you will have to transport it by car. Or if you are an elderly person and cannot lift weight or are disabled, then online shopping is a perfect solution for you. One of the most effective elements of shopping on the Internet, however, is that you simply have to click a few clicks, and there you have the goods at your home, you will safely receive the products directly to your home or to a PO box, which can be a good option. for those without a home address such as military personnel. This makes shopping on the internet much more convenient as you will simply find the product you want from anywhere and, with options like same day or next day delivery to your home. (This is extremely beneficial for those who have difficulty walking or have a disability that prevents them from reaching stores as regularly as they would like)

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Secure online purchases and payments:

Online shopping can be a good way to compare prices, find bargains, and save money by doing simple research from your mobile device or PC. As the popularity of the internet has increased, the risk of people trying to scam you or steal your card details has increased. Fortunately, if you follow a series of simple guidelines you will be able to have a safe and secure online shopping experience

Here are some tips for safe online shopping that you can use every day:

  • Look for online retailers to make sure they’re legitimate – sometimes it’s hard to know if the website you’re visiting is legitimate. It is natural to wonder if you will be safe when shopping from a website for the first time.
  • Contact details (a legitimate shop will have contact details (link for our contact details) on their site. If it’s just a web contact form, with no address, email and phone number that’s not good enough)
  • Customer feedback (check the website to see if there are any customer reviews on the product or company)
  • Whois lookup (when you create a website, you usually provide the registration details to the organizations that regulate the domain name)
  • Website encryption measures (in the address bar The “s” in “HTTPS” also means that communications between the website and your computer or mobile device are secure and encrypted. Buy only from sites with “HTTPS” in the home page and payments.)
  • Google Safe Browsing (Google has developed a quick tool to check if the website you are visiting is unsafe. Sometimes even legitimate sites have been included by hackers. You can check the link below to see that the website you are visiting is safe. Use with basic security requirements:
  • Look and feel (There are also some simple things you can do when you arrive at a website to verify that it is real. The first is the professional look of the site. Is it well-structured? Are the images high resolution? The language is free sentence structure and spelling errors?)
  • Don’t give too much information
  • Only shop on secure websites (do not trust websites that do not have Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) encryption)
  • Read the website’s privacy policy [link to privacy policy] (Companies that have a good reputation always have a page on their website about their privacy policy)
  • Check your consumer rights on the trader’s website (online sellers must provide clear and correct information on consumer rights. For example, your right to a 14-day return or a legal guarantee of at least two years)
  • Pay with a secure means of payment (Always pay on a secure page, Pay by credit card if possible as you may be able to recover your money from the credit card issuer in case of fraud)
  • Always use Tracking (when you have purchased a product the verified site will provide you with a shipment tracking number with which you can track how long it will take to deliver your product)