Samsung Galaxy Book Pro could be the South Korean manufacturer’s next laptop. Or rather, the next range of laptops. The Bluetooth SIG site has certified a large number of variants in the last few hours, unearthed by Mysmartprice. In total the models that have emerged are at least four, we report them below together with the relative codes.

  • Galaxy Book Pro 360: NT930QDB, NT931QDB, NP930QDB, NT950QDB, NT951QDB, NP950QDB
  • Galaxy Book Pro 360 5G: NP935QDB
  • Galaxy Book Pro: NT930XDB, NT931XDB, NP930XDB, NT950XDB, NT951XDB, NP950XDB
  • Galaxy Book Pro LTE: NT935XDB, NT935XDY, NP935XDB, NP935XDY

In short, the summary is simple: two models, one presumably a traditional laptop and another 2-in-1, each of which split into variants with Internet connectivity only Wi-Fi or WiFi + cellular. The latest generation connectivity is reserved for the convertible model, while the laptop must be sufficient with 4G. The many codes should represent all color variations and memory configurations.

For the moment there is no other significant information to share, unfortunately. Historically, the Galaxy Book family has included both models with Intel processors and models (in fact only one, the Galaxy Book S) with Qualcomm Snapdragon. Among other things, Qualcomm is also working on a PC SoC that can stand up to the Apple Silicon M1. And let’s not forget even AMD in the equation, which with the Ryzen 5000 Mobile announced a few days ago is ready to give Intel a hard time even in the world of portable PCs.

Even more interesting is that Samsung recently introduced its first OLED displays for the laptop segment, and at the same time said it intends to bring the camera concealment technology under the display as well. In short, there is a lot of meat on the fire and a very interesting device could come out of it.