From MICRO LED and Neo QLED technology to Lifestyle TVs, Samsung launches the new line with features designed for consumer needs.

On the occasion of the virtual Unbox & Discover event, Samsung Electronics presented the innovative MICRO LED and Neo QLED technologies, the renewed range of Lifestyle TVs, monitors and soundbars that will enrich its 2021 portfolio. In a historical context in which people As they spend more and more time at home, Samsung’s latest innovations enable consumers to make the most of their TVs, work efficiently, communicate easily and indulge their passions.

Samsung reworks the concept of TV:

For decades, TV was considered only a means of watching movies and TV shows, but today it is much more than just a form of entertainment – it serves as a conference room and fitness center. The past year has changed the way consumers perceive it and, having exploited its many features for the first time, they are re-evaluating its role in their lives.

We are proud of Samsung’s constant pursuit of innovation, which makes it possible to improve the everyday life of consumers. In the last year, technologies previously considered an “accessory” have become a necessity, since our homes have been transformed into offices, schools, gymnasiums and more “.

This is said by Bruno Marnati, vice president of the Audio Video division of Samsung Electronics Italia. “With consumers spending more time at home, the presence of screens in our lives has taken on greater significance and, in 2021, Samsung will continue to redefine the role of TVs based on the needs and passions of its customers.”

MICRO LED technology:

With excellent brightness, intense and deep blacks, and stunning image quality, MICRO LED technology offers a revolutionary and long-lasting visual experience, thanks to inorganic LEDs that help prevent burn-in, ensuring a color screen. lively throughout its life cycle.

With the new MICRO LED line it will be possible to divide the screen into 4 areas, thus obtaining 4 screens in one. With 4Vue (Quad View), consumers will be able to simultaneously watch content from four different sources, thus being able to keep up to date on various sporting events in a single solution, or view a streaming guide while playing a video game, all with an amazing quality and size. The new MICRO LED range will be available worldwide in 110 and 99 inch sizes starting spring 2021 and in 88 inch sizes next autumn. A 76-inch version will also be available.

Neo QLED technology:

The other model presented by Samsung is, as written above, the Neo QLED. The spectacularity of the images is defined by the Neo Quantum quantum processor and the new Quantum Mini LEDs that are 1/40 in size of traditional LEDs, which provide very accurate brightness control. With deeper and deeper blacks, brilliant colors and ever smarter technology, Neo QLED delivers absolutely lifelike images, whether you’re watching a football match or having fun on the console.

When it comes to gaming, Neo QLED offers superior functionality. For example, the new Game Bar helps players to quickly monitor critical aspects of the game and can be used to access Super Ultrawide GameView mode, which offers the ability to play in both 21: 9 and ultrawide, 32: 9, allowing, thanks to a wider field of view, not to miss any moment of the action. All at 4K and 120 frames per second, with response times of 5.8ms.

Samsung is the Official TV Partner of the Xbox Series X in the US and Canada and, this year, with the renewal of the multi-year contract between Xbox and Samsung, the two companies will continue to work together to offer gamers an unbeatable experience. Coming to the Italian market in spring 2021, the Neo QLED line up will consist of Neo QLED 4K, with an offer in terms of size from 50 “to 85” and suggested retail prices starting from 1,799 euros. The 8K family, made up of QN800A and QN900A, will be available in sizes from 65 “to 85” and suggested retail prices starting from € 3,999.