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Vikishop.it opened its virtual entrances in 2012. Our main goal is to accompany the customer in the acquisition of high-end items in the most diverse areas of the buyer’s goods. Our vision? A new shopping experience.

Notable brands, style, innovation, development, consistent with the emphasis on an incredible customer experience.

Our qualities: nature of administration and constant pressure towards safety, insurance, insurance, and honesty towards the customer, the focal support of our careful work.

Through our site you will participate in the best shopping experience:

Safe installment

Quick Delivery

Intuitive live conversation

Powerful web search tool

Quick and easy purchasing strategy

Our more than 100,000 loyal customers are the most authentic observers of the integrity of our business, continually planning, improving, improving. The objectives achieved to date have been significant and critical, but they only address the initial segment of an uninterrupted and prudent development path.

We depend on a group of experts who work from one part of the planet to the other: world view and advanced methodology are the keys to make estimates within our company, with an eye to the future.

Through a choice of unique items of its kind, we offer the customer simply the best of MADE IN ITALY (the genuine one and not the Italian Sounding one) and the best brands available, solid in using an enormous dispersion of scope, advancing the style of life of the element and having a place with the domain.

We use strong contacts with global makers: our procedure depends on a wide and updated offer ready to face the buyer’s problems.

The goal is to create a market space where the customer feels better and feels at ease, a meeting that starts from the brain and reaches the heart.

Electronic products:

These are the few electronic products:

Customizable 65 inch Brown Frame for The Frame TV – VG-SCFT65BW / XC

Change your look anytime you need it. Due to the holding magnets, changing The Frame to adaptable casings is unimaginably simple. A single checkmark is enough and the border changes face.

Enhance your home with a The Frame that coordinates with the stylistic theme. Put it in the focal point of consideration or let it mix with the foundation.

Each adaptable case enhances The Frame’s piano, with its true lines and sharp angles. You should simply choose the shade that best suits your style.

2. Samsung 55 ″ Q95T flagship QLED 4K HDR Smart TV QE55Q95TATXZT

Try not to let daylight ruin your midday game or light reflections ruin your evening movie, with our widely praised anti-glare screen. Without interruption due to the impression of light coming from anywhere in the house, he loses all sense of direction in the most recent blockbuster.

3. Samsung FLIP 2 WM65R Wall Mount (WMN-WM65RXEN)

General conditions:
With these overall statuses of the offer, VS sells and the CUSTOMER remotely purchases the substantial mobile products presented and made available for purchase on the website www.Vikishop.it. The contract is concluded only through the web, by going to the CUSTOMER at www. Vikishop.it and the execution of a purchase request according to the methodology given by the site itself.

The customer undertakes to view these overall states of the offer, in particular the pre-authoritative data provided by VS, before continuing to affirm his request and acknowledge it by placing a banner in the demonstrated box.

Before the conclusion of the purchase contract, the CUSTOMER analyzes the qualities of the goods that are shown in the individual article cards at the time of the CUSTOMER’s decision.

Before approving the request with “commitment in installments”, the CUSTOMER is instructed on:

– All the cost of products including expenses, with subtleties of delivery costs and some other expenses;

– Installment terms;

– The cutoff time within which VS embraces to get it done;

The deal is considered concluded with the sending by VS to the CUSTOMER of an email confirming the request. The e-mail contains the CUSTOMER information and the request number, the cost of the goods purchased, the transport costs and the shipping address to which the products will be sent, and the link to be able to print and archive a duplicate of these conditions.

The CUSTOMER undertakes to confirm the correctness of the individual information contained in the aforementioned e-mail and to promptly notify VS of any remedies/changes to be made.

Versus embraces to represent and present the things sold on the site in the most ideal way. Gradually, some errors, errors, or small conflicts may arise between the article depicted on the site and the original article. In addition, the photos of the articles presented on www. vikishop.it does not constitute an authoritative component, as it is to be considered a fair agent.

Versus undertakes to provide within 30 days from the sending of the e-mail confirming the request to the CUSTOMER by VS itself.

Why do we accept cryptocurrencies?
Today paying with Bitcoin is legal both in Italy and in Europe and this is only the tip of the iceberg and more current places such as organizations, cafes, accommodation, and shops recognize Bitcoin as a real strategy for the installment.

As indicated by the Coinmap website, which reports the guide of the relative multitude of spots on the planet where it is possible to pay in Bitcoin, in Italy many organizations recognize digital currencies. Although most of them are located in Milan and Rome. Characteristic inns and taverns, bars, cafes, clothing, creating, designing, phone shops, ateliers, duplicates, goldsmiths, retail chains, tobacconists: the most assorted shops were to pay with Bitcoin and another cryptocurrency. You can even compensate the legal counsel (there are some law firms that recognize Bitcoin).

Having obtained and proceeding to receive enormous solicitations from our customers for the installments in digital currency, we at Vikishop.it embraces the development: so, despite the more conventional installments with moving, PayPal, credit cards/check, we decide to also offer you an advance in this unique situation, from the consideration and care we have for you in your purchases!