The Apple Watch remains the market-leading smartwatch and Apple continues to increase market share despite a general decline in sales in this sector.

According to data published by Counterpoint analysts, the Apple Watch gained 6% market share with 40% of global demand. Samsung boasts only 10% of the market share, and the other brands (Huawei, Fitbit, BBK and others) remain stable or show a contraction.

“The Apple Watch Series 6 and SE performed well, with 12.9 million units shipped representing 40% of the market share in Q4 2020,” the analysts write.

The data are impressive especially when you think that they refer to only one quarter: in this period Apple has sold these devices to the population equivalent to a nation such as Belgium and Luxembourg combined. In the past year, Apple has sold a whopping 33.9 million units, equivalent to the population of Australia and Switzerland combined.

It is estimated that in Q4 2020, Apple sold 90 million devices, numbers equivalent to the populations of the United Kingdom, Ireland, Portugal and a little bit of New Zealand. The statistics make an impressive hold and show that Apple sold 685 iPhones per minute and about 98 Apple Watches per minute (more than one per second) in Q4 2020.

Sujeong Lim, senisor analyst at Counterpoint, writes: “The smartwatch market is led by three bands: Apple, Samsung and Huawei. We believe the average selling price will continue to rise over the next two to three years, with the top-of-the-range models from these companies continuing to lead the line. On the other hand, the success of the Apple Watch SE will probably spur companies like Samsung to present similar variants, getting closer to the needs of the mass market. ” And again: “In the space of three or four years, we believe that cheap players such as OPPO and Realme will gain a significant share by intensifying competition in the sector and helping to lower prices”.