According to analyst Kuo, the new generation of laptops will also have a flat design like the latest iPhones.

A juicy indiscretion on the Apple world and, once again, the source is the well-informed Ming-Chi Kuo of Tf International Securities. According to the prolific forerunner of the big news of the bitten apple, the new generation of MacBook Pro 2021 will be equipped with MagSafe technology, will finally be equipped with more ports and a flat-edge design similar to that of the new iPhone 12. It should instead disappear the Touch Bar.

Given the presence of the new proprietary Silicon architecture for processors, the new MacBook Pro should revise the design for the first time in five years with corners that from gently rounded and rounded should be flat and without too many curves. The display size would be 14 or 16 inches.

Looking at the open notebook from above, you would immediately notice the absence of the OLED screen called Touch Bar which was used to customize certain quick commands, so there would only be the keyboard with the large touchpad and the speaker grille below. On the sides of the device, more ports would appear than the previous generation, so as to avoid buying the necessary dongle adapters to increase the wired connection.

Speaking of inputs, MagSafe technology would return, even if it is not clear in what way and with what details, given that recharging takes place via USB type-c interface. Finally, the same efficient heat pipe cooling system as the current 16-inch model should be adopted

The release of the new MacBook Pro 2021 is scheduled for the third quarter of 2021, almost simultaneously with the iPhone 13. According to Kuo, Apple’s next smartphones could be equipped with a heat dissipation system with a vapor chamber that would support a increasing processor and graphics card power.