2021 is the year of folding smartphones at Samsung, new models are on the way. Several leaks and rumors talk about it.

In recent periods, various rumors have referred to the definitive farewell of Samsung’s Galaxy Note family. Apparently it is now truly definitive and the South Korean giant channels all attention to the folding smartphone market sector.

According to UBI Research researchers, in 2021, Samsung plans to launch three new models. It is truly something new and never before seen under the code names Galaxy Z Fold, Z Fold Lite and Z Flip 2.

Innovation is the watchword. The three folds boast an Ultra-Thin Glass display, made with LPTO technology. The screen of the Z Fold 3, according to the latest rumors, should show up with the main display between 7 “and 7.6” with an external 4 “display. Instead, as regards Z Flip 2 we think of a main display of 6 “, while the external one remains of 4”. Finally, for Z Flip 2, main display of 6.7 “and the external one of 3”.

Also in the field of design there is certainly no lack of technique and innovation. These are all hypotheses advanced by LetsGoDigital, which leveraged patents filed by the company itself with the United States Patent and Trademark Office and the World Intellectual Property Office.

Multiple foldable devices are described, in particular through the use of two hinges. In this way it is possible to assume different configurations depending on the context in which it is needed. Clearly, however, we are only talking about hypotheses, still nothing certainties.

Moreover, SamMobile also confirmed the details shared by Ubi Research according to the size of the displays for the next leaflets of the South Korean giant. However, he also pointed out that the rumors do not refer to the Galaxy Z Flip Lite model. Could it have been replaced by the Z Fold Lite model?